Discounts and Building Amenities

The San Moritz offers both discount ski tickets and discount ski rentals.

Discount Ski Tickets: These you must purchase in advance, but they will be there for you at checkin. That makes it so nice for your first day to just put on your skis, hook on your ticket to your jacket and get going. Please click here to see this season’s prices.  They are discounted from the window price. To purchase, please call 1-800-4437459 and talk to Mary, the front desk manager of the San Moritz. Please do this AT LEAST 2 weeks in advance.

Crested Butte SportsDiscount Ski Rentals: For guests of the San Moritz, Crested Butte Sports offers a 15% discount on rentals. They’re right at the base, so convenient, and also offer parking right in front if you have brought your car. If not, the San Moritz shuttle will take you over and bring you back! San Moritz discounted ski rentals will also save you money and you will love Crested Butte Sports – family owned and great service! –
1-800-970-9704 .

Building Amenities:

san moritz shuttleThe San Moritz has several wonderful amenities, above and beyond being wonderfully ski in and out. The private shuttle service is worth talking about. They have 2 shuttles that run as private limos from 8 am to midnight. They will take you anywhere in Crested Butte and pick you up. THIS MAKES RENTING A CAR OPTIONAL! At the very least, if you have a group of teenagers you can give them the phone number of the driver and tell them to beat it!

san moritz hot tubThe San Moritz has lovely huge hot tubs in every building, which you can sign up for on a sign up sheet at half hour intervals so you do not have to be friendly! There is also a steam sauna in every building.

fireplace san moritzAll the fireplaces are real, and the building buys wood in great lots in the fall so just go to the wood room for as much fire as you like. Just be sure to open the flue for those of you from hot places!